The Book of Exodus

Slide1Christian Community Church is presenting a series of messages from the Book of Exodus.  Presentations, including PowerPoint slides and notes, are made about every four-six weeks at the Sunday service.

Exodus is one of the five books of the Torah that was written by Moses during the 38+ years of wandering in the Wilderness.  The Hebrew name for the book is the Hebrew title of the book is ‘Shemot’.  Shemot (pronounced shMOTE) means ‘Names’.  This may seem strange to us, but the Hebrews named the books of the Torah by the first words of the books.  Exodus 1:1 “And these are the Names…” 

Exodus is “the West’s meta-narrative of hope”. It is a revolutionary book in which God intervenes in human history to help a group of slaves against one of the ancient world’s powerhouses. But it is a political story as well. It is not a simple story of good versus evil but rather a critique of the politics of power, empires, hierarchical societies and the division of populations into free people and slaves. In place of the society based on power, the Torah offers politics based on a covenant, in which people agreed freely to grant “absolute sovereignty” to God. However, Exodus also tells a double story: God intervened to free people, and “people sustain freedom by their own efforts.” (Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Exodus: The Book of Redemption)

The central event of the Book of Exodus is the Passover, the Lamb’s blood on the doorpost to save the firstborn Israelites from death. This is the story of our great escape – Jesus is the Passover Lamb of God, and if we are followers of Him, we have been grafted into the Israel of God and escaped the captivity to sin.

The study has a subtitle: “The Book we thought we knew.”   Of all the Books in the OT, the storyline of Exodus is probably the most familiar for Christians – but do we really know the story?

  • Why did God wait so long to rescue them?
  • Doesn’t the name ‘Passover’ seem a bit strange? Why not just call it ‘Freedom Day’, or ‘Independence Day’? [i]
  • And did the Exodus have to be so complicated? Couldn’t an All-Powerful God have just teleported the Israelites out of Egypt and spared everyone the grueling process of the Ten Plagues?  And – Why Ten, why not 5?
  • And the Book of Exodus contains some uncomfortable parts – for example, why, exactly, did God harden Pharaoh’s heart? Was that really fair?   Why did so many innocent Egyptian firstborns have to die?

The fact that God did not purse an easier and quicker road to freedom indicates that there is some other agenda at work in Exodus.

[i] Questions posed by Rabbi David Fohrman in his excellent book The Exodus You Almost Passed Over.

Material in these presentations is partly based on the excellent discussions on Exodus in AlephBeta and Tom Bradford’s Torahclass.

  Topic Audio & Slides PDF of Presentation Text
IntroIntroduction to ExodusExodus IntroCCC EXODUS Session 1 intro
Chapter 1Israel in Egypt and the Sovereignty of GodExodus Session 2CCC EXODUS Session 2 Sovereignty
Chapter 1 cont.Must Eat Lamb with Bitter HerbsExodus Session 3ccc-exodus-session-3-bitter-herbs-autosaved
Chapter 2Birth of Moses, God's ProvidenceExodus Session 4ccc-exodus-session-4-moses-is-born
Chapter 3 The Great Introduction -God reveals His Holy Name at the Burning BushExodus Session 5CCC EXODUS Session 5 Burning Bush
Chapter 3 cont.God's names: YHVH and El ShaddaiExodus Session 6CCC Exodus Session 6 El Shaddai 12 pt
Chapter 4 Call of Moses; Moses' resistance, Three Signs, Bloody BridegroomExodus Session 7CCC Exodus Session 7 12_pt Call of Moses Three signs_bridegroom
Chapter 5-6Why Monotheism? Moses' meet-and-greet meeting with PharaohExodus Session 8CCC Exodus Session 8 gods and Moses before Pharaoh 12 pt
Chapter 7Pharaoh and Free WillExodus Session 9CCC Exodus Session 9 Hardening of Pharaoh Heart
Chapters 7-9The First Three Plagues Exodus Session 10CCC Exodus Session 10 Plagues 1-3
Chapters 8-9Plagues 4-6 Exodus Session 11CCC Exodus Session 11 Plagues 4-6
Chapters 9-10Plagues 7-9 Exodus Session 12CCC Exodus Session 12 Plagues 7-9
Chapters 11-12Plague #10 & Passover Exodus Session 13CCC Exodus Session 13 Passover
Chapters 12-13Going Out Exodus Session 14CCC Exodus Session 14 Going Out