The Book of Numbers

Slide1Christian Community Church is presenting a series of messages from the Book of Numbers.  Presentations, including PowerPoint slides and notes, are made about every four-six weeks at the Sunday service.

Numbers is one of the five books of the Torah that was written by Moses during the 38+ years of wandering in the Wilderness (note: the Jewish name for the book is “B’Midbar“, “In the Wilderness“).   References and symbols relating to the coming Messiah are throughout the book; Jesus said to the Pharisees, “If you believed Moses, you would believe Me, for he wrote about Me.” (John 5:46).   Jesus spoke to two discouraged disciples on the Road to Emmaus:  “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning Himself.” (Luke 24:27)   One of the most significant statements about the purpose of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross is in John 3:14-15:  “Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” – this is a reference to an incident in Numbers Chapter 21. 

In Numbers, we see God taking the initiative to reestablish the relationship broken by disobedience in the Garden.  He institutes signs, symbols and rituals that enable a Holy God to dwell in the midst of the Israelite encampment, looking forward to that time when He will not only be “with” them but “in their midst” to lead them.   The Apostle Paul considered the Book of Numbers as a great warning for the Church.  Despite the miraculous deliverance from Egypt and the daily appearance of God’s presence and power, the Israelites grumbled and rebelled against Him and His promises on numerous occasions.  Correction followed.

 TopicAudio & SlidesPDF of Presentation Text
1IntroductionNumbers Session 1CCC Session 1 Numbers Intro
2Levites and the Tabernacle & God's HolinessNumbers Session 2CCC Session 2 Levites
3Tisha B'AvNumbers Session 3CCC Session 3 - jump to Spies and Tisha B_Av
4Holiness Can Be DangerousNumbers Session 4CCC Session 4 Kohath and Uzzah
5The Ordeal of JealousyNumbers Session 5CCC Session 5 Jealousy
6Clean and UncleanNumbers Session 6CCC Session 6 Kosher and Outside the Camp
7 The Nazarite and Aaron's BlessingNumbers Session 7CCC Session 7 Nazarite and the Blessing
8The CloudNumbers Session 8CCC Session 8 The Cloud
9Trumpets and Setting outNumbers Session 9CCC Session 9 Trumpets Complaint Arise
10Graves of GreedNumbers Session 10CCC Session 10 Graves of Greed
11The Elders ProphesiedNumbers Session 11
12Rebellion of Miriam and AaronNumbers Session 12CCC Session 12 Rebellion of Miriam and Aaron
13Entering God's RestNumbers Session 13CCC Session 13 Spies and Tisha Bav
14The Son of ManNumbers Session 14CCC Session 14 Son of Man
15The Rebellion of KorahNumbers Session 15CCC Session 15 Rebellion of Korah_2
16The Red HeiferNumbers Session 16 CCC Session 16 The Red Heifer
17Aaron's RodNumbers Session 17CCC Session 17 Aaron_s Rod Budded
18Moses Strikes Rock part INumbers Session 18CCC Session 18 Moses and the Rock Part I
19Moses Strikes Rock part IINumbers Session 19CCC Session 19 Moses and the Rock Part II
20The Bronze Serpent in the WildernessNumbers Session 20CCC Session 20 The Brazen serpent
21The Story of Balaam - Part INumbers Session 21CCC Session 21 Balaam Intro
22Balaam - Oracle 1Numbers Session 22CCC Session 22 Balaam Oracle 1
23Balaam - Oracle 1 continuedNumbers Session 23CCC Session 23_ Balaam Oracle 1 continued
24Balaam - Oracle 2 God Does Not ChangeNumbers Session 24CCC Session 24 Balaam Oracle 2 God does not Change
25Christmas and The Divine PromiseNumbers Session 25CCC Session 25 Christmas and Divine Promise
26The Holiness of God - Oracle 2 continuedNumbers Session 26CCC Session 26 Oracle 2 part 3 Holiness and sacrificial system- for pdf
27God does not Lie - oracle 2 continuedNumbers Session 27CCC Session 27 Oracle 2 part 4 God does not Lie
28Intro to Prophecy - Oracle 3, Part INumbers Session 28CCC Session 28 Oracle 3 Prophesy
29Oracle 3, part II - How Lovely Are Your Tents, O JacobNumbers Session 29CCC Session 29 Oracle 3 Tents
30Idolatry and a A Jealous GodNumbers Session 30CCC Session 30 Idolatry at Shittim_Jealous God
31God is Jealous for His GloryNumbers Session 31CCC Session 31 Jealous of his Glory
32The Zeal of PhineasNumbers Session 32CCC Session 32 Phinehas & Idolatry
33A Tale of Two BrothersNumbers Session 33CCC Session 33 Levi and Simeon x
34Cities of Refuge, 2nd census, Division of LandNumbers Session 34CCC Session 34 Census & Division of the Land
35The Seven Biblical FestivalsNumbers Session 35CCC Session 35 Biblical Feasts 12 pt